After many years of preparation, Backegards has undergone extensive certification work. We are now ISO certified according to environmental certification ISO 14001, quality certification ISO 9001 and work environment certification ISO 45001. In 2022 we got the traceability certification according to FSC / PEFC in place. In 2023 we were also recertified to handle raw materials with Controlled Wood claims. We see this as a great opportunity and look forward to complying with these management systems in a correct and responsible manner.

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We want to minimize our environmental impact

We work purposefully to reduce our impact on the environment. We know that our renewable raw material, natural wood, despite its many beneficial properties, is not an infinite resource. We therefore do our utmost to make the most of the material we buy. If we cannot use rejects for another product, which may be narrower or of a lower quality, then in the worst case we can use it to produce fire briquettes for heating villas and district heating networks. Just about everything we get from the forest has a value for us.